The network of training centers in manicure, nails modeling and design, eyelash extension
All our graduates get:
- International diplomas;
- Employment assistance;
- Permanent discount for buying materials;
We offer you:
All kinds of manicure;
Acrylic and gel nails modeling;
Nail design;
Hand-painted nails;
Advanced training of masters;
Eyelash extension training;
Preparation for professional
nail competitions;
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 EzFlow .ibd. SuperNail
China Glaze Seche Gena
GiGi Ardell Lash beLong
Victory Company’s Training Center is one of the leading nail training centers specializing in nail design in Russia and Ukraine. The company trains highly skilled masters of nail service since it has been based in 1996. Highly qualified teachers are responsible for education quality as they are officially certified by EzFlow Nail Systems and .ibd. Professional Nail Systems. Company teachers annually confirm their qualification and regularly take part in competitions and championship in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Europe and the World. They’re also permanent members of the jury of many Russian, Ukrainian and International Nail Design competitions. Training is provided in small groups and is based on the exclusive educational programs, materials and models by EzFlow Nail Systems,.ibd. Professional Nail Systems and Lash belong company.
Ukraine Victory Company News

Victory Company is on the guard of your beauty!

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17-09-2013, 09:43

Having spent more than 17 years in the market of nail industry, Victory Company has thoroughly studied the needs of the beauty salons and its clients. At Victory we suggest both high quality materials for nail extension and provide education of talented qualified personnel. Our company unites the manicure and pedicure masters together with the nail design and extension professionals into the one integrated network of training centers. 

The Victory Company’s activity is based on the two immutable principles we stric

tly follow. They’re quality and professionalism. That’s why we cooperate with the American brands only, which are characterized by consistent quality and certification of products. Victory Company takes care of each client. That means you can easily find any nail material you need. We offer both professional products for using in beauty salons and a wide range of stuff for home use. 

Master teachers of worldwide reputation train a skilled workforce to be in Victory Company’s network of training centers. They always keep abreast of developments, news and trends of nail industry. That means you can be sure of high quality education of our specialists. The Victory Company tutors have repeatedly been the winners of numerous major Russian and international competitions in nail design and modeling. This fact is another confirmation of our teachers’ skill. We’re proud of Victory graduates’ knowledge and skills together with the high quality products our shop network distributes, because this is the pledge of our success! 

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What`s wrong with gel polish? Working on errors.

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8-08-2017, 13:06

It`s not a secret, that gel coverage sticks about three weeks on the nails, at the correct application technology. In this case gel nail polish doesn`t lose its brilliance and not split off for all period of "exploitation". Nails, covered by gel polish, look natural and well-groomed. Moreover coverage protects a nail plate. However, it happens that instead of promised two-three weeks, gel polish crack already on the third day after application. Therefore, today we suggest you to consider possible errors while creating gel manicure and correct them...


To read more click "Подробнее"





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Easy Floral Nail Art Tutorial

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3-02-2015, 17:33
Easy Floral Nail Art TutorialHi my beautiful friends. Yes, yes, you read the title right! Today is time for an easy Floral Nail Art Tutorial. You will not find many tutorials on my blog, but I decided to change that in 2015. I get so many requests from you guys and it’s time to listen to your needs and bring the tutorial game back! To start off on a good note, I made a very simple floral design. This look doesn’t require any special tools, toothpick or a pen will do. Let’s take a look at the photos and I will explain each step.
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Center “Victory” Ukraine excursion

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21-01-2015, 17:04
Center "Victory” Ukraine excursionCenter "Victory” Ukraine excursionYou can agree with us that a nail service master is a quite promising career for today. This profession is one of the most demanded in modern beauty centers for several years. A nail service master is like a wizard: he can make a manicure, pedicure, nail extension, create a nail design, to provide a client with a paraffin procedure. To make unsightly nails a real masterpiece of art – that is just for the nail service master. If you've been dreaming to join the team of professional manicure, then you have a great opportunity to make this wish the truth.
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Новый видео урок от мастера-преподавателя компании Виктори

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14-01-2015, 14:16
Кравченко Алла
Дизайн гелевым лаком, гель-лаком. Омбре, градиент, фактура, лунный, литье, песок.
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Stable and beautiful manicure with LED/UV Pure Gel JUST GEL POLISH from the IBD Company

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2-10-2014, 08:38

LED/UV Pure Gel JUST GEL POLISHLED/UV Pure Gel JUST GEL POLISHEach of us, women, give off plenty enough of time on hands and nails care. Because good-looking and fresh manicure talks about neatness of woman. However not all representatives of weak sex can visit a master of manicure regularly. That is a reason for a home manicure procedure for a lot of us. But is it possible to make up nails by such way that polish holds as long as it can? It is possible! LED/UV Pure Gel Just Gel Polish from IBD Company is an innovational product in the world of manicure which creates beautiful and stable manicure for the counted minutes. Moreover, many women after the use of gel nail polish do not want to go back to coverage of nails by usual decorative nail polish. We will talk more about advantages of IBD Just Gel Polish in details.

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How to make your heels soft by yourself (an overview of Callus Off and Pedi Scrub by Gena)

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  • Дата: 24-03-2014, 13:38
24-03-2014, 13:38

Who said that winter is not a right time for foot care? That fact that our legs are hidden under the warm tights and fur boots is not a reason to forget about them. And even on the contrary! Not always convenient and natural shoes, clothing, temperature change affect the skin of the feet is not the best way. I know this firsthand. My feet problems began late autumn: corns, sweating, rough and dry skin on the heels... Especially bother corns, which do not allow me to wear my favorite boots and hurt at the end of a day. Quite by chance, among the vast range of shop "Victory" goods I came across a product that, on the recommendation of the manufacturer was able to solve my problems.

This miracle was Callus Off by Gena. The description and the price of the good inspired confidence. Looking around among the products of this American brand I decided to purchase a Pedi Scrub (its goal is to mollificate the coarse skin). On the face of these two products have a similar effect, but after reading the review you will understand the differences and features of their application.

Managers of "Victory" company worked good, sent the purchase quickly and soon I became an owner of these marvels.

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My experience of taking Victory Company’s manicure courses

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4-12-2013, 08:57


My experience of taking Victory Company’s manicure coursesI could never imagine this would happen to me. I took manicure courses and got the diploma of manicurist. Now I’m going to share my experience with you. My entry is quite long, so make some tea, nestle in a chair and be ready to listen. I’ll start from the very beginning. 
Since childhood I’ve been interested And I was dreaming of learning these skills. As I couldn’t afford studying yet, I was looking for information everywhere it was possible. 

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Summer foot care by Gena brand + China Glaze Neon & On & On

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11-10-2013, 12:18

Summer foot care by Gena brand + China Glaze Neon & On & OnSummer foot care by Gena brand + China Glaze Neon & On & OnThis is my first entry dedicated to foot care. I ventured on this step thanks to two products I introduced below. Before now I didn’t pay much attention to anything except nourishing cream (especially in winter time) and cuticle oil if speaking about pedicure products. I could hardly realize my feet had more needs than I thought, except skin softening and moisturizing before I got acquainted with the American brand called Gena.

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Nail polish with EzFlow brand products.

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10-10-2013, 07:32

Nail polish with EzFlow brand productsNail polish with EzFlow brand productsIn my entry dedicated to manicure I have already mentioned that the procedure of nail polish till the luster helped me to avoid the problem of nail exfoliation. More than eight months have passed since I discovered this method and there still was no exfoliated area that made me shorten the length of my nails. Unfortunately, it was impossible to buy at retail a buffer mentioned in that entry that helped to reach those results in Ukraine. That’s why I was looking for an alternative for a long time with a required opportunity of buying it offline. So finally I’ve found a substitute including several products at once instead of one.

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Gel polish design in Victory Training Center

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9-10-2013, 12:50
Gel polish design in Victory Training CenterGel polish design in Victory Training CenterI’d like to dedicate this entry to my impression of acquaintance with the gel polishes. Before now the only thing I did was reading other people’s articles about similar procedures. But then a perfect occasion happened (I’m going to share it with you at the end of this entry), so I decided to try all the new technologies by myself.

I’m not going to describe in details the technology of lacquering, because I’m not a professional manicurist and can make a lot of mistakes in this description. What I really want to do is to show you the whole process of creating a bright manicure step by step. It was conceived as a "conspiracy” against the weather.

Everything starts with the removing of lacquer.

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China Glaze - Texture collection. Summer 2013

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8-10-2013, 07:31


China Glaze - Texture collection. Summer 2013China Glaze - Texture collection. Summer 2013China Glaze – Texture summer collection consists of six nail lacquers with hardeners, but no shimmer and tinsel.

I applied nail lacquers in two thin layers on all the pictures attached here. They get dry equally fast – it takes about 10-12 minutes to dry them completely – and have practically identical texture and number of hardeners. I tried to take breaks for three-four minutes between the layers application for making a texture show itself on the pictures.


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Paraffin therapy and manicure in Victory Training Center

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7-10-2013, 14:18

Paraffin therapy and manicure in Victory Training CenterParaffin therapy and manicure in Victory Training CenterRecently I have visited Victory Training Center to enjoy by myself all the pleasures of such a pleasant procedure as paraffin therapy. First, nail polish gets removed from the nails with the help of acetone-free nail enamel remover called Green Apple Non-Acetone Polish Remover by China Glaze.


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What to choose: acrylic or gel? Biogel or gel nail polish?

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7-10-2013, 07:28

What to choose: acrylic or gel? Biogel or gel nail polish?What to choose: acrylic or gel? Biogel or gel nail polish?Accrued nail lovers can use the novelty of nail service industry for nail extension and firming. With the help of gel nail polishes and biogels manicurists can easily provide these procedures on clients’ request. But still the beautiful half of humanity doubts what to choose. What’s better – acrylic or gel, biogel or gel nail polish?

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Seche manicure system.

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7-10-2013, 07:23

Seche manicure systemSeche manicure systemIt’s not a secret anymore, that flawless and long-lasting manicure is the result of the high quality nail products selection. Let me recommend you care products by Seche brand fitting both natural and accrued nails. These agents are produced by Seche, Inc. Company based in 1991. The brand immediately took first place in terms of sales in the U.S. market, having gained the popularity among the leading manicurists.

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