The network of training centers in manicure, nails modeling and design, eyelash extension
All our graduates get:
- International diplomas;
- Employment assistance;
- Permanent discount for buying materials;
We offer you:
All kinds of manicure;
Acrylic and gel nails modeling;
Nail design;
Hand-painted nails;
Advanced training of masters;
Eyelash extension training;
Preparation for professional
nail competitions;
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Курсы маникюра
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We represent the most famous AMERICAN BRANDS only

 EzFlow .ibd. SuperNail
China Glaze Seche Gena
GiGi Ardell Lash beLong
Victory Company’s Training Center is one of the leading nail training centers specializing in nail design in Russia and Ukraine. The company trains highly skilled masters of nail service since it has been based in 1996. Highly qualified teachers are responsible for education quality as they are officially certified by EzFlow Nail Systems and .ibd. Professional Nail Systems. Company teachers annually confirm their qualification and regularly take part in competitions and championship in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Europe and the World. They’re also permanent members of the jury of many Russian, Ukrainian and International Nail Design competitions. Training is provided in small groups and is based on the exclusive educational programs, materials and models by EzFlow Nail Systems,.ibd. Professional Nail Systems and Lash belong company.
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Manicure School

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The school where you will be getting a new profession is your partner for a long period of time. Looking for a training center, pay your attention to its reputation and products it uses for work. Study thoroughly for how long this training center is on the market. All these factors indicate the reliability of the company. After all, you want to invest your time and money with a prospect and benefit!

Victory Company is one of the first training centers giving a profession of manicurist in CIS. More than 20000 professional nail service masters have graduated Victory Training Center since 1996. And this amount increases every year. Today, after 16 years of successful existence, Victory Training Centers appear in more than 30 cities of CIS. Moreover, another 40 training centers provide education which is based on certified programs of EzFlow and ibd Companies.

Manicure School

"Виктори" рекомендует.
Лучшее верхнее покрытие для лакаПопулярный американский журнал InStyle ежегодно проводит опрос своих модных читательниц и составляет независимый рейтинг лучших продуктов красоты.

Уже 18 лет подряд в категории «Лучшее верхнее покрытие для лака» побеждает знаменитая сушка-закрепитель Seche Vite.

В этом нет ничего удивительного, ведь сушка способна высушить все слои лака за считанные минуты, обеспечивая глянцевый блеск и долговечную носку.

Компания "Виктори" - эксклюзивный официальный представитель Seche в Украине

Kyiv, Gagarin Avenue 23/ 15th Floor.
Phone (044)592-1302 from 10:00 to 17:00
The network of training centers in manicure, nails modeling and design, eyelash extension
Компания "ВИКТОРИ"