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GIVE ME DAYLIGHT by Maria Leontyeva
GIVE ME DAYLIGHT by Maria Leontyeva

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4-12-2013, 08:57

My experience of taking Victory Companys manicure courses

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I could never imagine this would happen to me. I took manicure courses and got the diploma of manicurist. Now Im going to share my experience with you. My entry is quite long, so make some tea, nestle in a chair and be ready to listen. Ill start from the very beginning. 
Since childhood Ive been interested And I was dreaming of learning these skills. As I couldnt afford studying yet, I was looking for information everywhere it was possible. Well, it wasnt rather me but information itself that found me and got learnt. My grandparents presented me ESCC courses subscription called "Visage and beauty secrets for being a good student at school. Yeah, there were times without Internet. Its even strange to remember. 
Two years ago I decided to take visage courses and even tried to choose a school of makeup. I acted as a model in two of them and finally I chose one. But it took much money. I had just one part of the money and I never managed to collect the rest. 

As every woman is interested in beauty, I was also interested in faces. I remember going to secondary school, sitting in front of the easel and drawing soulless plaster heads at Art School, I was dreaming of becoming a portraitist. A face could tell so much of a person! It seemed to me so interesting to watch how different features could be and what they could give to a certain person! I was drawing and dreaming I would learn to do it in a professional way. And when I became interested in makeup I was surprised a lot of how it could change a face! Of course, I couldnt give up this interest!
Its interesting but I was drawing not only faces, but also hands with great relish. I drew them mostly in the university, since a lot of time had passed after Art School graduation. I couldnt explain why I drew them. I just didnt know. But now I can connect that my short hobby with making pictures of hands, nails and nail polishes today. 

You never know your fate. I have never thought of becoming a manicurist and never dreamt of making a manicure like a pro. I was too lazy. I didnt like to make efforts if everything was quite alright. The same thing was about manicure. So I chose a lazy European method (entry1, entry2) and followed it until the Victory Company offered me to take basic course called "All types of manicure. And I accepted the offer. I like to learn from people who got some knowledge rather than from unverified sources by myself. Besides, I can get more information on a theme Im interested in exactly during the courses, so why not? 
As time went on, and a month till courses left my desire to study a manicure was getting stronger and stronger day by day. I never cut the cuticle except the childhood time when the burrs were left, so I was wondering if I could do it, if I liked to make manicure to someone else, cause it took patience and perseverance, if I could make manicure to myself and my friends after I took the courses? 

At last studying time has come. Maybe there will be a day when I take the visage courses? I havent sat at desk since last autumn when I and my husband were taking driving courses. Im not going to tell in detail what we were doing there. I just want to tell what impressed and interested me much among everything Ive heard. 

First Day

The first day we were studying the questions of sterilization and disinfection. We got acquainted with the work of this interesting device called sterilizer. 

It turns out, these pellets are heated to 270 degrees and it takes one minute to sterilize the tools. The first day everything was so strange to me, but the last one we easily operated with this "pellet miracle.

The first day I was dizzy of the range of EzFlow and ibd products, but most of all of the nail files and their purposes. There were grinders, polishers. The huge choice of nail files by both trademarks! Practice made everything clearer. The files duplicate each other, so you its possible to choose that one which shape is more comfortable for a manicurist. I felt comfortable using EzFlow nail files because of their diamond shape. 

We used Grey Fox (180×180 grit) for shaping nails and then Sand Shark (240x280 grit) for removing the membrane. It seems we used both of those nail files for grinding nails. It is necessary to grind nails for prevention by small movements, with no swing to avoid nail damage. I pay attention to this fact because it was one of the biggest finds for me during the courses. Buffer Pro Shine was used for polishing. These three nail files were given to us for studying and now I understand I cannot do anything without them. 

Our courses were built on the principle of ascending complexity. Thats why we were studying European manicure the first day. I got to know how to use the pusher! You can laugh at me but I have never used this tool before. Its very convenient for pushing pterygium (the membrane covering nail by its base) and the cuticle. 

The picture below shows the pusher during work. Anna Gorelova, future graduate manicurist, pushes my cuticle and pterygium. 

I wasnt the only one blogger on these courses. There were two of us. I was sitting next to Anna and was sharing all the models. I was doing the right hand of the model and Anna the left one. The so-called manicure duet was at work. After wed learnt European manicure we moved to SPA-manicure and paraffin therapy. This was exactly what we were doing training on each other. 

Paraffin therapy is just an amazing thing I should tell you! I have never felt anything like this before. Its irreplaceable thing for everyone who has dry skin. My skin isnt dry but I dont remember my hands to be so soft and moisturized! Me and my classmate getting pleasure in warm thermal mittens: 

And here I get pleasure of double care! Both, Anna and our teacher named Elmira taking care of my hands: 


My nails and hands became moisturized and shiny after the paraffin therapy! Its interesting, but my hands became sensitive to cold and were freezing on my way home. However, terrible cold snap and freezing winter was those days. Cuticle Care and Quick Shiner buffer (similar to Pro Shine by EzFlow) is pictured here: 


Second Day

Second day was exciting. We had to learn of how to make a classic manicure. And as you can remember, I have never cut the cuticle before. The picture given below shows nail clippers which we didnt used though, cuticle nippers, a pusher, scissors and a file I have mentioned above. 

The company provided us with tools for the whole period of training, but only the bloggers had that privilege. This is because we arent going to work as nail technicians after the graduation, so we dont actually need these tools in future. 

Our first nail model made me and Anna a bit nervous. No, there was nothing bad about her character, but her blood vessels were too close to the nail surface so we could easily cut her. I dont know how we managed to avoid this, but that model took much of my time. Anyway, there was a reward at the end of that difficult work. I mean nail polishing. That part of making manicure was the most pleasant for me. Ive learnt how to make manicure to other people and mastered the technique of applying gel polishes weve been using during the courses. 

Nail polishing: 

You can see the final result below. Its a pity but the picture doesnt show the glitter that was shining so nice. 


I can tell you why the nails arent polished till the very cuticle. Its all about the technique. Top coat is applied right next to the cuticle, but a color gel slightly receding. Its quite normal.  

Then there was the second nail model. Her skin caused fewer problems to us, so everything has passed easier. Our second model wished to get a bright manicure. Thats why weve made special colors with the help of our teacher. We mixed the neon polishes with a white nail polish to make them thicker and then added some color. 

Its hardly possible to miss the moment of neon polishes getting dry in UV lamp:

And here we go! This is the result:

I would like to pay your attention to the fact I was making a manicure for one hand (its left on the picture) and Anna for the other. But nails looked similar on both hands! It wasnt that easy, but interesting for sure! Each of us had its own idea about the nail shape and the habits of its creation, so the process of making the same nail shape was rather interesting and informative. We had to check the nail length and angles on both hands. Maybe our nail model was tired of it, because it took much time. But we had to do that. We were eager to make everything like a pro and be proud of the result. 
I have mentioned the gel polishes theme above. Thats why Im going to tell you about them right now. First of all, Ive found out that a gel nail polish and 100% gel polish wasnt the same thing. Gel nail polish includes ethyl acetate that erodes fast and gets thick in 1½ -2 weeks. 100% gel polish is a 100% soft eco gel with no harmful ingredients, thus it makes no harm to your nails. 

Earlier I had very limited information, so I thought that all the gel polishes were Shellac. But it turned out, that it wasnt the truth. There were harmful nail polishes and those ones that defended thin brittle nails from damaging. May teacher told me everything would be ok if I followed the right technique of applying and removing gel polishes. So I could wear that manicure during several weeks.  

Plus, I have never thought gel polishes were so much popular. I just didnt know about that. It seemed to me all our nail models were patient just because they would get manicure done with gel polishes. They spent time in reward. Well, as for me, Im not actually interested in applying 100% gel polishes, because I have perfect nails which need no protection during 1½ -2 weeks. I think I would get bored and irritated by growing area near the cuticle. But what really made me interested is that fact there was a polish that left no chips and did no harm to nails. I was interested so much I decided to make manicure done with gel polishes to myself. I will share this experience with you in the end of my entry.
And now lets move to the third day.

Third Day 

The third day we were getting the secrets of a hot manicure on male hands. Men dont need a gel polish which is contraindicated during a hot manicure when hands are dipped into a hot lotion. This type of manicure caused mixed feelings because a lotion was hardly absorbed into male skin, so it was hard to keep hands and tools not soiled with a lotion. Besides the tools were slipping and dropping out of hands. While the scissors were not cutting during a hot manicure procedure I had to use the nail clippers that caused problems for me. 

When a hot manicure was done, there was another nail model that came for usual classic manicure with a blue glitter nail polish application. 


After all, we were practicing in painting French manicure smiles on artificial nails. French manicure is very popular.  
Fourth Day

The fourth day was "scary enough. 



The theme was a machine manicure. You can see the tools below and the nozzles above. Some of the tools are for nozzles cleaning. 


This type of manicure scared me. But the detailed explanations of using those tools and nozzles made me more confident. So I was trying to do everything right. A machine manicure gives the amazing results if its done right! All wastes turn into dust. What a magic! 


Ok, everything wasnt as easy as Ive said. Ive glossed over. For instance, the cuticle is cut with a nail-nozzle. But in common this is a way a machine manicure works first dust and then beauty. 


Finally, we didnt forget to make a photo of a nail model before changing her nail shape. 

Our second model gave us to understand that a machine manicure wasnt a panacea for everyone and there were people for whom it was contraindicated. For example, theyre people whose palms are always a bit wet. In this case the wastes turn into skin lumps but dust. Weve hardly done the first part of the task. The second was a French manicure painting. 

It was much easier to paint French manicure smiles with a thin brush than with a gel polish one. By the way, we were told that a French manicure basically was a polish for the short nails. Perhaps, it wouldnt look so vulgarly if it was used for the short nails only. 
This nail model had to be patient. It took me and Anna much time to make a manicure and paint the smiles. However, the result was practically identical on both hands. So, dont forget to compare the hands of a model before and after. 

Fifth Day

The last day was the most exciting. We had to take first an examination paper and then the practice. We got a male manicure as a practice. The hands before:

It turned out; our nail models vessels were too close to skin surface. I was afraid of cutting him. I was doing each nail very carefully. You can see the process on a picture below:


Everything was good at the end. Here is the result. My examination hand is from the left.


The picture doesnt show those drawbacks I was carping to, so the teacher gave me "A grade. The hardest thing is to please oneself. 
While other girls were passing their examination papers I was trying a machine manicure on myself. Thanks God, I could do it by that time. As usually I didnt cut the cuticle, but I removed the pterygium. 

And then I asked Anna Gorelova, a manicurist, to shape my nails and apply the most beautiful gel polish that was EzFlow True Gel Patina as we both thought so. 


That was an amazingly beautiful nail polish, especially, as for the autumn time. I chose a gel polish for a reason. I had to take a trip and I didnt want to think over my manicure during it. I was sure that beautiful nail polish wouldnt bother me. Besides I wanted to try a gel polish and see what would happen to my nails after I remove it.  

Gel polish was excellent during wearing. I was enjoying that color and shine during all the days I was wearing it. Every time I was astonished by its unbelievable shining that never faded. Two layers of gel polish, bonder, basecoat and topcoat made a gel polish thicker than any other nail polish. That thickness irritated me a bit, though never bothered in real life. This drawback could be forgiven for the sake of gels durability. The picture below shows a gel nail polish by EzFlow called TrueGel Patina on the sixth day. 

Some of the finger ends were abraded, but all the tips were as new and had no chips. The only micro attrition was seen on the left hand thumb from one side. The polish was still on my nails, but the regrown area depressed me. The thickness of a polish bothered me too. And the regrown nails began to disturb me. Though, I could wear that manicure for a long time. 

The removal of a gel polish

Gel polish gets removed with the help of a foil. Its necessary to file it and apply a cotton pad soaked in a nail enamel remover. Then a finger gets wrapped in a foil (by applying a shining side to a nail). Wait for 10-15 minutes. It depends on the nail condition. I was waiting for 5 minutes before looking what was going on there. And there were places where a polish reared and was removed with a cotton pad. And also there were places where it could be pushed with a nail (it was pity at that moment I didnt buy a pusher). The procedure of a gel removal from all the nails took 40 minutes including wrapping and waiting. After all, I abraded and polished the nails, but not till the luster to avoid nail polishes removal from the nails. During the abrasion a layer of bonder has gone in some places. But there were also places where it has left. I was irritated by this fact, but the layer was so thin I decided to solve that problem later. If I applied a gel polish again, I wouldnt remove that layer, because it strengthened nails and made them less flexible. But it is necessary to have smooth nails for applying pearlescent and metallic polishes while they stress slightest roughness. That means even thin but rough layer will be seen. I still see this layer here and there and purge it out with a nail. I dont know if I could remove it at once. Maybe I had to abrade my nails better, but I was afraid of damaging them while I had already abraded them before polishing. 

My general conclusions on studying in Victory Companys Training Center

To be short, I liked it. The friendly staff and the teacher, airy classroom with ventilation, lamps on the tables, handouts, cotton pads, napkins and tablecloth, nail enamel remover everything was just fine. We were also given files, disinfectors for hands and tools, bowls for making a classic manicure and gel polishes with a UV lamp. We could make a special solution for tools soaking. There was a UV wardrobe for keeping tools clean after disinfection. We had nail models, though there was lack of them, so we had to share one model for two students. It was even good while my speed was too slow and I would have to sit in classroom till the very evening making both hands. We had everything we needed for our classes but tools. We had to bring or buy our own pushers, nail clippers and scissors. Well-equipped classroom is really important, but the quality of education depends mostly on a teacher. Our teacher was Elmira Tsyupina. We noticed at once she was passionate about her work that she loved. It was pleasant she gave us not only the material our courses involved, but also some professional ethical issues. I think those girls who will work as manicurists after their courses graduation (except me and Anna) will be thankful to our teacher for these little but important secrets. 

Of course, everyone is different, thats why there is no perfect training. There were moments for me causing questions or suggestions with wishes. For instance, we were not told how to hold the tools right. Perhaps, other girls had already known that but me. It was sad to learn on the third day I held scissors and nail clippers wrong after two days of their use. Besides it was me who noticed that. It was not a teacher. So it was rather hard for me to learn the proper way of their holding to avoid scratches and hold nail models finger right. Though I also admit that maybe it was me who wasnt able to learn that fast. I have never grasped information at once and it was always necessary to show me everything in detail so I could understand. For example, our teacher explained us on a napkin how to cut the cuticle right using the scissors. It was super!

In common, I understood everything our teacher was explaining to us. I would like to get more consistent presentation of information and attention to the way a student does an exercise. I missed prompts during doing my exercise. I think the results show a lot of the work that has been done. But I think it would be more effective not only to show the right way of doing that work, but also to watch every student for a moment, see how hes doing what he has already seen, and to fix the mistakes during the process if therere any. In this case I would be more confident and understood what I was doing right or wrong more clearly, to what things I had pay more attention. For example, cutting the cuticle is a skill that can be learnt easier under the guidance of a teacher. 
But I stress this is my personal opinion, my way of perception. Everyone is different, so maybe therere students who has grasped information at once and are contended with everything. So please take it into consideration. There was also one pleasant moment during our studying. Weve got unlimited access to our teacher after our courses graduation. That means, we can always consult her, ask her our questions visiting Training Center, mailing her or even contact her by phone Elmira has left us. Its really pleasant! 
So, what about me? Did I like to make a manicure? I couldnt answer that question during my studying. I could only confess I didnt like to make a classic manicure. I need to get more experience and keep developing that skill. But I really enjoyed making European manicure, shaping and polishing nails. After courses graduation I was practicing in making a manicure to my relatives among which are sister-in-law, my mother, my brother and a cousin. And I understood I liked it. It looks like doing the cleaning. It takes a bit of patience and then here we go! The beauty! I will surely buy a pusher, files and nail clippers. Its good to have the scissors, but I dont need them actually while Im not going to cut my cuticle. Anyway, I will make propaganda of doing a classic manicure for others. I can also recommend all the necessary means for it. My mom has already chosen a classic manicure and her results have impressed me much!
In conclusion of this entry I would like to thank Victory Company for providing me with opportunity of taking courses. They were really interesting and instructive! I have never thought I would get the international diploma of a manicurist! Though, I had to work hard for that purpose. I knew it wouldnt be that easy, but Ive never thought it would be so hard! I would like to thank my teacher named Elmira for sharing that unique experience with us, for those efforts and energy she gave us. And I also want to thank Anna Gorelova for being my interesting and funny company, for cooperation and ability to compromise. In other case our nail models wouldnt get similar manicure on both hands. Special thanks to her boyfriend named Alexey Martianov for entrusting us his nails for making a manicure and making pictures of me working on his phone. 
And here we go! Our happy certified group:


Price/address: the cost of the basic course called "All types of a manicure was 1250 hryvnias at the moment I was taking it. But you also need to count extra costs for buying tools. Students get discount in a shop during their education. The address is 02660, Ukraine, Kyiv, Gagarin Avenue 23, 15th Floor. Phone number is (044) 592-1302, website is

Now my friends and relatives have got a new pleasant opportunity. They can visit me not only for communication, but also for getting beautiful nail polishing. I have a really wide range of gel polishes. Its rather beneficial. And I envy them a bit. 

* Training courses were provided by Victory Company

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