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How to make your heels soft by yourself (an overview of Callus Off and Pedi Scrub by Gena)

Категория: articles in English

Who said that winter is not a right time for foot care? That fact that our legs are hidden under the warm tights and fur boots is not a reason to forget about them. And even on the contrary! Not always convenient and natural shoes, clothing, temperature change affect the skin of the feet is not the best way. I know this firsthand. My feet problems began late autumn: corns, sweating, rough and dry skin on the heels... Especially bother corns, which do not allow me to wear my favorite boots and hurt at the end of a day. Quite by chance, among the vast range of shop "Victory" goods I came across a product that, on the recommendation of the manufacturer was able to solve my problems.

This miracle was Callus Off by Gena. The description and the price of the good inspired confidence. Looking around among the products of this American brand I decided to purchase a Pedi Scrub (its goal is to mollificate the coarse skin). On the face of these two products have a similar effect, but after reading the review you will understand the differences and features of their application.

Managers of "Victory" company worked good, sent the purchase quickly and soon I became an owner of these marvels.

The products were immediately tested. But for objectivity decided to use regularly, as it is necessary for a long and noticeable effect.

Packing. Pedi Scrub contains in a tube with flap, which is very convenient in use. The tube fits snugly in a hand. I was pleasantly surprised with its 251 ml weight (I drew attention to a consist and effects of the good, but totally forgot about volume). Pedi Scrub is a pleasing by sight: joyful green color with whitish patches, gel texture. It smells gently, pleasant enough, as for me. It's difficult to characterize him – it smells a little bit like a powder or а cream of my mother's youth.

All the inscriptions on the tube are made in English. But a sticker with a text in Ukrainian glued on the top (in the photo you can see small scrapes incurred during using). Here you can see the composition.

The second product- Callus off- is a small bubble (29 ml only) with convenient cap dispenser. I did not immediately understood how to properly open, thought to cut the top of the cap. It is easy to apply and rub a substance on a skin with the help of dispenser. I did it even without gloves because fingers do not come into contact with the substance. In general, the manufacturer strongly recommends the use of gloves because Callus has an acid composition.


All lettering on the bottle made in foreign languages – in English and in Spanish (it looks like). There are no Russian or Ukrainian statements here. One side of the sticker turns away and there is additional text (is not Slavic too). I did not suffer from a lack of information. I understood something addressed in English and some information I read in «Victory» Internet-shop. The number noted on the package (3-5 minutes) and it is available to understand.

It is a gel-like substance more than a watery consistency. It doesn't smell when in use. But for the accuracy of the description I twisted a bubble off and took a smell – it smelled acidulous a little.

Using. I took a warm bath for the feet. Applied the scrub on the damp skin of the feet, massaged and washed away.

Then I dried my legs. Some areas (heels and sites under fingers) I covered with Callus. Waited for 5 minutes on the heels and for 7 minutes for painful callosity.



I wiped the remains and worked these places up with a pumice. I rubbed quite intensively and almost immediately saw the dead skin rolls. Corns resisted for a long time. A rough leather top erased around them but the "core", the seal stayed on. The treated areas become pleasurable and soft by touch. I washed the feet, wiped and smeared with a cream. I did not use a special foot cream (I had a bad experience of the use of pedi-cream from Oriflame brand, after which it was an unpleasant feeling of humidity and slid feet ) and I used baby cream with vitamins and aloe. I did this procedure at night and in the morning I admired the soigne pink heels. I was upset a little with hardening remaining on site corns, because it were my main aim. But the pain gone, the feet become enjoyable by touch, there was a positive result.

The instruction to Pedi Scrub written that you must use at least once a week. So I decided to go with Callus Off. However, I did it a little more often - once a 5 days . For the second time dead skin rolled down a lot less, for the third - almost not at all. On the fourth time and in the future I used only scrub (after applying I used a pumice stone) - the result was the same: the skin was tender, soft and pleasant by touch.



Also the manufacturer recommends to use Pedi Scrub for the whole body (it listed on the tub as exfoliating, however this is the main function of any scrub). I tried. Processed knees and elbows - they also suffer in winter. Effect pleased me. Dry skin went out. But it is necessary to apply moisturizer or nourishing cream after the procedure.

My conclusion: Pedi Scrab is an excellent tool for removing a dry, rough skin on the feet and dead skin on the elbows and knees. This scrub helps to keep your feet well groomed and nice by touch with regular use. Now you can wear a pantyhose easy! Another advantage - Pedi Scrub quite economical to use, is spreads well, that is why the packing 251 ml last long and not only for one member of the family (yes, I would recommend this tool for male pedicure too). I did not notice some disadvantages. But someone can carp a paper label, in Ukrainian, which suffers from wet hands.

Callus Off is an «ambulance» for painful corns and flaky dead skin. It is more aggressive in action, compared with scrub, therefore it suitable for very advanced cases. Thanks to the convenient dispenser it easily and economically applied. Does not cause burning or other discomfort . "Minus" for me was only a partial removal of corns. I really wanted to say goodbye to them... Although the cases are different, maybe someone in this matter will have a better luck with the Callus.

I did not make a salon pedicure procedure ever, I took care of my feet by myself. These goods pleased me a lot. American quality justifies its price and gives the satisfaction of use!

Pamper yourself and be beautiful!

"Виктори" рекомендует.
все для педикюра от Gena
Профессиональный педикюрный бренд Gena уже более 20 лет помогает ухаживать за кожей ног.

Gena широко использует натуральные компоненты, экстракты морских водорослей, для увлажнения и питания кожи, а также масло мяты, которое оставляет ощущение прохлады и снимает усталость.

Дезинфекторы, очищающие замачивания, соли для ванн, охлаждающие гели, скрабы, маски, кремы для ног – все это педикюрная линия Gena.

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