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Victory Company’s Training Center is one of the leading nail training centers specializing in nail design in Russia and Ukraine. The company trains highly skilled masters of nail service since it has been based in 1996. Highly qualified teachers are responsible for education quality as they are officially certified by EzFlow Nail Systems and .ibd. Professional Nail Systems. Company teachers annually confirm their qualification and regularly take part in competitions and championship in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Europe and the World. They’re also permanent members of the jury of many Russian, Ukrainian and International Nail Design competitions. Training is provided in small groups and is based on the exclusive educational programs, materials and models by EzFlow Nail Systems,.ibd. Professional Nail Systems and Lash belong company.
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What`s wrong with gel polish? Working on errors.

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It`s not a secret, that gel coverage sticks about three weeks on the nails, at the correct application technology. In this case gel nail polish doesn`t lose its brilliance and not split off for all period of "exploitation". Nails, covered by gel polish, look natural and well-groomed. Moreover coverage protects a nail plate. However, it happens that instead of promised two-three weeks, gel polish crack already on the third day after application. Therefore, today we suggest you to consider possible errors while creating gel manicure and correct them...



Leading specialists of nail industry will help us in this question. Why does gel polish not keep on nails? Professionals remind that to create ideal gel coverage, nails should be smooth and completely free of dust. If a nail plate is peeling it`s necessary to give it a form by nail file for natural nails 180/240 grit. We advise you to use EzFlow files, which have a demand among many masters of manicure. At the next step, you may make hardware or European manicures at the customer`s request. However, you should note, that after using cream or keratoliks you must clear nails with the degreasing. If you did a wet manicure, you should wait 10-15 minutes before covering gel polish, to make moisture evaporate from nail plate. Next, remove gloss from nails using buff for natural nails. If you miss this step, the gel polish will chip.

Also, you should avoid contacting fingers with nail plate. Now, it`s necessary to treat nails by dehydrator ibd Dehydrate. It removes the rest of fat, dust and moisture from the nails. Dehydrator evaporates on their own. For better adhesion of gel and nail plate, it`s necessary to apply primer ibd Stick Primer. It doesn`t contain methacrylic acid and works as adhesive strip-provides a natural nail adhesion with gel layer. Put a small amount of Primer on the nails and wait until it dries own. While performing a gel manicure, pay special attention to the base coat. It`s the main step of the nail polish.


The ibd Just Gel Polish Base Coat creates a molecular link between the natural nail keratin and the artificial gel product. It protects nails from penetrating colored pigment. The base coat must be a thin layer. Free edge of the nails are capping by the base. After this cure nails two minutes in the UV- lamp 36 Watts or 30 seconds in the LED-lamp. It`s necessary to consider some nuances at working with gel polish.




Firstly, all the layers of gel polish should be applied as thin coat. In another case, such problems would arise: the waves on the free edge of the nail, air bubbles, cuts and more.

Second, if the first coat of gel polish isn`t applied uniformly, than the second coat will correct all defects. Don`t forget about the ends of the nails. Each coat of gel polish should be cured two minutes at UV-lamp 36W or 30 seconds in LED-lamp. Our experts recommend to work with nail gel polish ibd Just Gel Polish. At the end of treatment the nails must be applied by top coat. In the products ibd it`s called Top Coat. The finish coat should overlap completely colored lacquer. It`s necessary to dry it in the UV-unit.


After this, remove the sticky layer on the manicure with special tool to give the nails the incredible brilliance. Finally, our experts recommend to the manicure wizards: don`t save on their customers and use the base, finish and colored gel polish of the same company. This will ensure the durability of the coating, also each laboratory develops the system directly for its brand, taking into account all the features of the tools. If you work with different products, the gel components may conflict with the finish and the store, you can buy all the necessary tools from one brand to create an ideal color gel manicure. We advise you to look at us and make sure that our products are high quality at your own experience.

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