The network of training centers in manicure, nails modeling and design, eyelash extension
All our graduates get:
- International diplomas;
- Employment assistance;
- Permanent discount for buying materials;
We offer you:
All kinds of manicure;
Acrylic and gel nails modeling;
Nail design;
Hand-painted nails;
Advanced training of masters;
Eyelash extension training;
Preparation for professional
nail competitions;
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Victory Company’s Training Center is one of the leading nail training centers specializing in nail design in Russia and Ukraine. The company trains highly skilled masters of nail service since it has been based in 1996. Highly qualified teachers are responsible for education quality as they are officially certified by EzFlow Nail Systems and .ibd. Professional Nail Systems. Company teachers annually confirm their qualification and regularly take part in competitions and championship in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Europe and the World. They’re also permanent members of the jury of many Russian, Ukrainian and International Nail Design competitions. Training is provided in small groups and is based on the exclusive educational programs, materials and models by EzFlow Nail Systems,.ibd. Professional Nail Systems and Lash belong company.
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THE NAILYMPICS COMPETIT ON UKRAINETHE NAILYMPICS COMPETIT ON UKRAINEThe third championship in manicure, nail design and modeling called THE NAILYMPICS COMPETITION UKRAINE- 2013 took place in Kyiv on Sep. 7-8. The competitions were held in seven categories. More than 100 masters from Ukraine, former Soviet republics and other foreign countries competed for prizes. Victory Training Center’s National Team also took part in championship, having showed excellent results and professional training once again.

All in all, our contestants won 11 medals, among which there are 5 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals. Moreover, Nadia Plahtienko won the nomination "Best Master” 2013!

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Victory Company: taking care of you and your hands beauty

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Victory Company: taking care of you and your hands beautyVictory Company: taking care of you and your hands beautyToday we’d like to tell you what proper nail care is and what product you need for nourishing cuticle and polishing hand and foot nails.

As a matter of fact, this point is very important if you want your hands to be always beautiful and healthy. Housewife’s hands are constantly under the stress. Modern detergents, various washing powders, cleaners and other agents used by household keepers have a negative influence on nail heath and look. As a result, nails become brittle and start to flake off. It’s not only aesthetically wrong, but also is harmful for your health.

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Manicure School

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Manicure SchoolManicure SchoolThe school where you will be getting a new profession is your partner for a long period of time. Looking for a training center, pay your attention to its reputation and products it uses for work. Study thoroughly for how long this training center is on the market. All these factors indicate the reliability of the company. After all, you want to invest your time and money with a prospect and benefit! 

Victory Company is one of the first training centers giving a profession of manicurist in CIS. More than 20000 professional nail service masters have graduated Victory Training Center since 1996. And this amount increases every year. Today, after 16 years of successful existence, Victory Training Centers appear in more than 30 cities of CIS. Moreover, another 40 training centers provide education which is based on certified programs of EzFlow and ibd Companies.

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Manicure courses in Kyiv

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Manicure courses in KyivManicure courses in KyivTo be a manicurist means a bit more than just to have the skills of creating an awesome manicure. A professional manicurist is a creative personality who is into the art of selecting design and technique of manicure making. Besides, manicure must be unique for every person and meet the client’s inner world.

A manicurist’s task is to pick a manicure stressing appearance dignities and hiding its flaws to the max. This is what we call the top of excellence. That’s why such masters get regular clients. Manicure and nail design courses in Victory Training Center are held by certified teachers only, who’re the winners of numerous Ukrainian and International Championships.

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Congratulations on 17-Year Anniversary of Victory Company!

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Congratulations on 17-Year Anniversary of Victory Company!

The graduates of Victory Company are multiply winners of Ukrainian and Russian Championships, the Olympic Games and international competitions.

The company is a nail Oscar winner for Best Educational Center, Teachers, Marketing and Advertising Company Policy in 2005-2006.

The company is a three-time gold medalist INTERCHARM for Dynamic Development and Significant Contribution to the Creation of Nail Service Market.

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EzFlow Spa System: White Tea Massage Lotion

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EzFlow Spa System: White Tea Massage LotionEzFlow Spa System: White Tea Massage LotionThere’s no need to introduce EzFlow Cosmetics Company to the real lovers of awesome professional manicure. It has firmly taken its place in the beauty market and is famous by its spa system which is the whole line of natural hand and foot care products, consisting of five steps. Let’s talk about each of them.

Step 1 is a cleansing soak with a lemon and tea tree extract called Lemon Tea Tree Soak. Tea tree and lemon oil has healing properties and pleasant fragrance for creating a special atmosphere of relaxation in a spa salon.

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Professional cuticle care at home with Cuticle Care® Cuticle LOVE

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Professional cuticle care at home with Cuticle Care® Cuticle LOVEA hundred to one, sooner or later every girl thinks over the question of how to care cuticles without visiting a nail salon once a week or in case if they don’t have enough time for getting a professional manicure. I think, each of us, girls, once faced this situation. Actually, there are only a few rules considering cuticle care at home. 
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Elements of foot care by Gena.

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Elements of foot care by Gena.Elements of foot care by Gena.All is flux, nothing stays still, but what really stays steady and constant is a regular female body care. It starts with hands and foot skin care. Today it’s hardly possible to overestimate the importance of manicure and pedicure for a woman who takes care of herself. While your hands and legs are the main object of other people’s attention, you must keep them in order as well as your face or shape. Today we’re going to consider a pedicure question. Let’s see what one of the most famous cosmetic companies called Gena offers for your foot care. 
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The network of training centers in manicure, nails modeling and design, eyelash extension
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