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Manicure courses in Kyiv

2-10-2013, 08:49. : vico

To be a manicurist means a bit more than just to have the skills of creating an awesome manicure. A professional manicurist is a creative personality who is into the art of selecting design and technique of manicure making. Besides, manicure must be unique for every person and meet the clients inner world.

A manicurists task is to pick a manicure stressing appearance dignities and hiding its flaws to the max. This is what we call the top of excellence. Thats why such masters get regular clients. Manicure and nail design courses in Victory Training Center are held by certified teachers only, whore the winners of numerous Ukrainian and International Championships.

You have a great chance to study the following subjects:

All kinds of manicure;

Acrylic and gel nails design;

Nail design using colored acrylics and gels;

Hand-painted nails;

Eyelash extension;

Advanced training;

Preparation for professional nail competitions;

Free seminars and master classes.

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Our graduates are highly skilled masters of nail service! They work in the best salons of our state only. People will always take care of their hands. So why not make money on it?

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Manicure courses in Kyiv