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What to choose: acrylic or gel? Biogel or gel nail polish?

7-10-2013, 07:28. : vico

Accrued nail lovers can use the novelty of nail service industry for nail extension and firming. With the help of gel nail polishes and biogels manicurists can easily

provide these procedures on clients request. But still the beautiful half of humanity doubts what to choose. Whats better acrylic or gel, biogel or gel nail polish?


Acrylic is a two component material derived by dipping the brush into a liquid called monomer and then into powder known as a polymer. Acrylic hardens in air during several seconds only. These seconds are the time for a manicurist for forming a material on the nails. Acrylic advantages are: the creation of any nail shape, nail strength in comparison with a gel, accuracy and naturalness in French manicure, acrylic removing with a special solute but filing. Acrylic weak points are pong during the procedure of nail extension, the complexity of working with acrylic from the professional point of view and acrylic yellowing after bright nail polishes removing.





Gel is a sprawling substance, which hardens under the influence of ultraviolet. Gel advantages are: ease of use, while it wraps around and gets the desired shape by itself. Due to its natural transparency gel can be used with the dried flowers and other design items. Gel weak points are sensitivity to temperature, nail filing during gel removing, burning while drying under the UV lamp.

Its also necessary to stress that therere a lot of misbeliefs about these materials. To tell the truth, acrylic and gel are not harmful for your health. These materials are not toxic and ultraviolet light doesnt kill mold. But nail dust and not disinfected tools can be really harmful.

As for gel nail polishes, they were derived by mixing best properties of gel and nail polish. As a result theres a product which is simple in applying, bright, shiny and has no pong. Besides, gel nail polish is more resistant to abrasion. Biogel is a softer gel. If a gel nail polish needs the correction once in 2-3 weeks, biogel can be used for 3-4 weeks long.

Gel nail polish advantages are: ease of application and removal, nail naturalness, no nail filing, lower price in comparison with the biogel, nail protection from household chemicals. It can also be used during pedicure while it needs correction just once a month and makes it real to correct a nail on a little toe. Biogel advantages are: nail strength and larger nail design range. So its up to you, our dear fashion-mongers, what to choose for your nail extension.

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