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Paraffin therapy and manicure in Victory Training Center

7-10-2013, 14:18. : vico

Paraffin therapy and manicure in Victory Training Center

Recently I have visited Victory Training Center to enjoy by myself all the pleasures of such a pleasant procedure as paraffin therapy. First, nail polish gets removed from the nails with the help of acetone-free nail enamel remover called Green Apple Non-Acetone Polish Remover by China Glaze.


This agent doesnt make nails and cuticle dry, has rather weak chemical smell during the use and leaves the subtle unobtrusive apple flavor on your hands after the process of nail polish removing is over.


After the manicurist had examined my nails, she polished them very carefully with the help of "Diamond polisher by .ibd. which abrasiveness is 220/280 grit.


Before now I was afraid of this procedure as I thought my nails would become thinner and exfoliate.

But today I understand everything depends on the proper technique and thoroughly selected tool. More than three weeks have already past and my nails havent changed. No grooves and scratches caused by polishing. I never expected a nail varnish would keep longer on my nails.

After polishing nail dust gets removed with the help of the brush.


My hands got disinfected with the help of Nail Prep by .ibd. a spray-desinfector which neutralizes most of the known germs and contains clotrimazol protecting against fungal diseases.


First, cuticle gets covered with a gel softener called Cuticle Care Fade Away Cuticle by EzFlow. This agent has no smell, doesnt cause discomfort during the use and has a rather dense gel texture that doesnt spread. Agent transparency is very convenient, thus making the work process fully controlled.

On the picture below you can see that transparent gel "peas do not spread in any position and stay exactly there where they were applied by the manicurist.


With the help of professional Pro Pusher the agent gets spread over the nail and then the cuticle gets pushed.


Pterygium gets removed by the reverse side of the pusher.


Fade Away Cuticle residues get removed with the help of the napkin.


Then the antibacterial cream by EzFlow including oils and vitamins called Cuticle Care: 2 in 1 Balance gets applied to soothe the skin and slow the cuticles grow.


The manicurist rubs the agent into the cuticle and skin around the nail with the massage movements.


After it had been finished, she used Hand Renew Moisturizing Sugar Scrub by EzFlow a sugar hand scrub for additional exfoliation and moisturizing. I also use this agent at home and have even dedicated the whole entry to it.


This scrub is very nourishing and contains a lot of the smallest sugar particles that need to be washed away after the use with no soup applied.


Before starting the paraffin therapy a special cream has to be applied on your hands.


We are talking about light non-greasy lotion called Silky Soft: Hand and Body Lotion Cranberry Currant by EzFlow.


This lotion has a pleasant berry flavor that keeps for a long time. Even in the evening after I have washed my hands for several times the berry flavor still perceptible.


Paraffin therapy means hand sinking in electric paraffin bath with the melted paraffin.


Melted paraffin doesnt burn the skin but warms it up slowly and gives it its warmth.


Paraffin hardens immediately after you remove your hands from the bath.


Hands get sank in paraffin for several seconds three times. Before you sink your hands in a bath for the last third time you must tightly close your fingers.


To keep the warmth and enhance the properties of paraffin your hands get wrapped with the plastic bags and dense terry mittens.


In about 15-20 minutes the so-called paraffin "glove gets removed from the hands, beginning with the wrist.


The procedure is aimed at rejuvenation, hydration and elimination of peeling and dry skin. In my previous entries I have already mentioned that I almost dont use hand creams because I have never had any dry skin complaints. But after I tried paraffin therapy I understood there was an immense difference. Fine wrinkles got smoothed and it seemed those were the artificial manikin but human hands. Nails were shining even without the polishing and became more flexible. The moistening was amazing and no stickiness of the abundance of nutrients. The paraffin therapy effect was kept unchanged during three or four days and by the week end I saw again the wrinkles and folds in the skin. But the moistening effect was fading very slowly and gone away only two weeks later. I am sure this procedure will be indispensible for those of you who have to use hand cream during the day and those of you whose skin gets dry and scaly during the cold snap.


To make the results stronger apply the jelly by EzFlow called Cuticle Care: Cuticle Love on the cuticle and periungual skin. This agent contains lanolin and paraffin and is intended for keeping vitamins and oils in skin.


After its application the manicurist rubs the "jelly into the hand skin.


Then you need to spread this agent over your hands by yourself.


My nails cant exist without constant protection from bumps and bruises, so it is high time for nail polish application. Before you apply the basecoat your nails must be degreased with the help of nail enamel remover China Glaze. This basecoat also removes all the pleasant and nourishing elements you got during the paraffin therapy. Thats pity!

As a basecoat the manicurist has selected firming base called Seche Natural.



After the basecoat got dry it became almost mat and made the nails manicured even without the colored nail polish.


Then the manicurist applied China Glaze nail polish. I cannot tell you what shade exactly the manicurist uses while these pictures demonstrate that the balance of white under the fluorescent lights doesnt show its real color. Thats why Im going to dedicate a separate "right entry to this nail polish soon.


During the process of application the manicurist shared a secret with me of how to make a perfect cuticle line. I think this information will be useful for those of you who cant get used to the China Glaze nail polish brushes. It is necessary to move a small nail polish drop from the nail center to cuticle for making a smooth semicircle near the cuticle without any streaks and nicks. But what is really important is that you need to "squeeze this drop during brush movement in the shape of fan on the nail surface. Then the brush will make this semicircle by itself, so you dont need to spend your time for merging brush strokes near the cuticle and correction of uneven application. This method is simple but needs a certain skill and enough nail polish on the brush. If you hold the brush under too obtuse angle, it will scratch bald spots and holes near the cuticle during its movement, but not to polish it.

Here is a picture showing under what angle you need about to hold the brush during the nail polish application.


I prefer not to learn again while I used to make a cuticle line with the help of several brush strokes. But I think the information given above will be useful. After your nails were covered with two layers of nail polish, a top cover called Seche Vite is used for making nails dry faster and manicure last longer.


Now the manicure is ready. In several minutes I can enjoy the result and go back to my usual activities.


The procedure was provided by the Victory Company. The manicure was made by Galina Starenko, the world teacher of EzFlow and .ibd., and the Victory Training Center teacher.


P.S. New nail polishes were accepted in Victory shop in my presence. Here is a picture showing its range.


P.P.S. Recently I have got information the commercial with an unexpected ending was shot for Victory Company. It was dedicated to EzFlow brand. I have already mentioned I like different high quality printed handouts. Such a thorough approach to advertising means, first of all, that the company takes care of its each client. As far as I know, it was the first commercial shot in Ukraine intended at foreign manicure brand introduction.